A PayDay loans is a short-term loan which is lent to you in order for you to get through a difficult financial period. Any loan company online you wish to apply to will give you a decision quickly and before you know it the money will be in your bank. You can make use of the money you receive any way you wish be it bills to pay or even home repairs. How much money you will be able to borrow will depend on the income and employment information you provide in your application. The requirements are simple – you must be at least 18 years of age and be employed and receiving a regular salary. You must also be a UK resident and have a debit card. So if you have all the requirements then you just have to get online and fill out a PayDay loans application and see how much money you can borrow. There is no application fee and even if you fill out the application and get approved for a loan you are under no obligation to accept it if circumstances change. You are only obligated if you have agreed to the loan. Once you have agreed to receive a PayDay loan the amount of money you agree upon will be paid into your bank account and it must be the bank account into which your salary is paid. Repayment of the money will come from your debit card so you must make sure that you have a debit card before applying for this loan. It is possible to get a PayDay loans online between £100 and £1,500 however there may be certain limits for first time applicants so check to see what the particular requirements of any PayDay loans company are. If you find that at any time you will have problems paying off an installment you must get in touch with your PayDay loan company straight away. You cannot make use of any other bank account except for the one into which your salary is paid and all repayment must be made by debit card. If it happens that you apply and receive a loan within six days of your next pay day then your first installment won't be due until your next pay day. You must pay off one loan entirely before you can apply for another. Your employee will not be contacted but you will be contacted at work in order for the PayDay loan company to confirm your employment. Just keep in mind that this is strictly for short-term borrowing. There are proven security measurementss which will keep your personal information safe. If the bill collectors are banging on your door or you are strapped for cash for other reasons don't hesitate and get online and apply for a PayDay loans and save yourself from more troubles. You'll be glad you did and your financial matters will be taken care of.